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JUST KINETICS® - Injury Prevention & Rehabilitation Services

Private & Public Sector

Private Sector

JUST KINETICS® have an enviable track record in providing musculoskeletal clinical support to the private sector across SA. This support ranges from on-site clinic facilities for larger site organisations, to utilising our managed clinical network across SA to serve our geographically spread clients.

We operate in such diverse markets such as:-

  • Motor Manufacturing
  • Aviation and Ground Handling
  • Food Production and Catering
  • Haulage Companies
  • Port Authorities and Dockyards
  • Electronics Manufacturing
  • Media and Broadcasting Companies
  • Train Operators
  • Banking and Financial Institutions
  • Call centres
  • Oil and gas companies

Employee Well-being Services

Functional Testing

A Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE) is a comprehensive series of tests, conducted by physiotherapy and rehabilitation specialists, evaluating an individual’s functional capabilities and physical tolerances.

Functional capacity is a broad term that encompasses all components of an individual’s physical capability and is comprised of abilities which include the likes of lifting, walking, carrying, sitting, gripping, pinching, pushing, and so on. The FCE is a systematic process of assessing the functional capability of such activities. The findings of such assessments can then be applied to a variety of situations which can include establishing physical limitations, matching human performance levels to the demands of a specific job, determining work restrictions, or determining the extent to which an impairment exists.

JUST KINETICS® provide very comprehensive reports following a Functional Capacity Evaluation and can be supplied in either a ‘Medical in Confidence’ or ‘Management in Confidence’ format.

Be it an employee in an administrative role or an employee with a more complicated and physically demanding role, JUST KINETICS® will ensure that the test is designed and conducted to deliver truly objective outcomes.

Work Place and Desk Assessments

JUST KINETICS® are one of the few companies who can offer a full range of workplace and desk assessments. Such assessments are carried out on employees to identify whether ‘reasonable adjustments’ are required to ensure the employee is comfortable and pain free, thus preventing any time off from work.

Matching Capabilities

Our musculoskeletal risk assessment uses a coded system to highlight, within a particular job, the possible ergonomic or bio-mechanical concerns to a specific bodily area, or joint, utilising our physiotherapy treatment equipment. This is a very useful tool that aids the management process of safely placing a worker in a specific job following a return from sickness absence, or when considering job placement within the constraints of an individual's musculoskeletal restrictions.

JUST KINETICS® have the clinical staff, experience and specialist equipment to ensure that almost any workplace can be assessed with accurate outcomes. Assessing and treating an employee who has a work related musculoskeletal complaint and putting them back into the workplace after identifying the root problem, provides both employer and employee with confidence and solutions.

JUST KINETICS® can also deliver a range of vehicle assessments to ensure that an employee’s vehicle (car, van, specialised vehicle, etc.) is properly set up to minimise the chance of a musculoskeletal complaint being developed by the vehicle operative.

Services to Occupational Health

Health Risk Management

Occupation Health plays a very important role within many companies. JUST KINETICS® are experienced at working alongside individual providers as well as those integrated within departments.

Early intervention, injury rehabilitation services and the proactive management of employees’ health and care issues have extensive business benefits, including:

  • A reduction in absenteeism and absence-related costs
  • Identifying and rectifying reasons for poor performance
  • Reducing the impact on pension scheme funds
  • The ability to make informed decisions on employee performance and absence

Employees return to work sooner, boosting performance, productivity and profitability. Whilst reducing employee risk, minimising insurance claims and resulting in lower premiums.

Absence Management

Reducing short and long-term sickness absence can in turn reduce employee costs. JUST KINETICS® can provide a range of services including the management of such absenteeism by:-

  • Accurately and consistently recording absence from day one.
  • Identifying absence ‘trends’ and health and safety risks.
  • Providing expert clinical advice on returning to work.
  • Delivering key Management Information with no extra administration burden

All of which is a win-win for employer and employee alike. Being regarded as a caring employer can help companies to recruit and retain staff, reduce the impact of long-term absence and identify potential long-term health problems.